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Robin Pickens

Faithful Paper Crafting

Faithful Paper Crafting

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This book provides you with ready-made papercrafting material that will add a pop of pure beauty to your home, your gifts, and your spirit. The crafting elements in this book are beautiful as standalone pieces, they also offer a ton of flexibility to add your own personal, inspired touches!

Craft a heartfelt card for any recipient or occasion by pulling your favorite art cards from this book and adding all kinds of fun embellishments. The art cards and accompanying scrapbook paper cards in this book comes in a variety of sizes and backings. 

The cards the gift tags in this book are lovely enough to stand alone  but can become mini masterpieces with just a few added elements. 

In addition this book includes beautiful inspirational crafted bookmarks, crafted frameables, gift tags and so much more. Dive in to this book Robin Pickens created with beautiful art work that will inspire you.

This book is 8.5” x 11” with 91 pages in both black & white and color. 

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