Patterns go through editing and sampling but we still sometimes have errors. We try very hard to make sure information is correct but sometimes things still slip through the cracks. We apologize for any inconvenience and try to post as soon as possible when aware of any errors. Please also check the errata page at

Errors in patterns are corrected as soon as we realize and the downloads are updated for the digital download PDFs. Often times patterns have gone to another printing and have corrected information in them already.



Page 9 has typos for borders on LAP size. Please use this instead:


On the original version of EMILIA (the pattern with PURPLE quilt on cover) it says 4" triangles on page 4. That should say 4" squares.


On page 3 of BACKSLASH for the cutting directions on the QUEEN size, middle paragraph, it should say " From the other (20) 1 1/2: WOF strips," not (12).


Page 5- Top of page MAKE LARGE FLOWERS... the information in the written directions is correct, however the diagram image shows large flower background strip as 4.5 x 2.5" when it is really 4.5 x 1.5". This is the wrong size on diagram...SHOULD read 4.5 x 1.5". This is being corrected in the second printing. Thanks Debbie Thomas for catching this!



On page 3, the third line down, the number for 7 1/4" squares for the LARGE QUILT should be (12), not (48).



If you are making the optional leaf border, you only need to cut (2) of the 10 x 24 1/2" and (2) of the 10 x 8 1/2" rectangles of the BORDER BACKGROUND FABRIC (instead of 4 each). As a result you only need 2 2/3 Yards (two and two/thirds)  of the BORDER BACKGROUND FABRIC.



cutting for Fabric F and Background have been reversed for the small flying geese units.
The (8) 1 5/8” x 1 5/8“ squares of Background should be cut from Fabric F.
The (2) 2 3/4” x 2 3/4“ squares of Fabric F should be cut from Background Fabric.

When cutting the 10 x 1 1/4” strips from both Background Fabric and Fabric E, make the length 10 1/2” (so 10 1/2 x 1 1/4”)
When cutting the 25 x 1 1/4” strips from Fabric E, make the length 25 1/2” (so 25 1/2 x 1 1/4”)
When cutting the 25 x 1 3/4” strips from Background Fabric, make the length 25 1/2” (so 25 1/2 x 1 3/4”)


SHOWERING STARS original printing (corrected in reprints)

CORRECTION: Total quilt size is 75" x 90". And when assembling the quilt top, please line up Column A with the star arms meeting the patchwork body. Your Column A will be a little longer at the top and need to be trimmed 1/2" to line up with the rest of the top. Sometimes my brain works in un-Quilterly ways...sigh...


CARDINAL'S CHRISTMAS WREATH original printing (corrected in reprints)

for the SMALL quilt - the border rectangles that are small should measure 5 x 3 7/8" (pages 2 and 8).
On page 4 the squares are 2 RED and 2 background fabrics.
FARMHOUSE CROSSING (for original printing, corrected in reprint)
Quilt Pattern. For all sizes, the diagram on the top of page 4 was wrong for some block placements. This is the correct placement. Also if you are making the LAP size, you will make your HST for the centers with the two at a time method, using 5" squares. If you have enough fabric to cut an extra 7 1/4" square of fabric N, you can stay with the four at a time method.
in original (corrected in reprint)
On page 5 please adjust the measurements to cut your rows of sashing to include the fractions listed below:

For TWIN cut (15) 68½” strips, ALT. TWIN cut (12) 65¼” strips 
and for LAP cut (9) 53¾” strips.
STARLET (in original, corrected in reprint))
using DEAR MUM. 
Clarification if you are making the SMALL size quilt. On page 8 it indicates making the borders according to the larger size. For the small size you will assemble the rectangles and HST units to make the right side border using 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles and 2.5" squares and the HSTs. The border should measure 24.5". This border is sewn onto the quilt body first. 

Then assemble remaining 2.5" squares, rectangles and HST in order shown to make the top border. The border should measure 26.5".
​Attached is an image which shows the clarification: