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Robin Pickens

Harlequin Quilt Pattern (printed booklet) by Robin Pickens

Harlequin Quilt Pattern (printed booklet) by Robin Pickens

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Harlequin is a bold quilt pattern that uses Half Rectangle Triangles to create colorful play between prints and solids within diamond shapes. The diamonds trail off into transparency towards the edges with fainter colors of fabric. Harlequin is suitable for the confident intermediate quilter and does require careful trimming and matching of points. This quilt pattern uses a precut layer cake of print fabrics (10" squares) and solid colors of yardage fabric. If not using a Layer Cake, then use an assortment of 28 prints sized at 9" squares along with the solid yardage. This image in the photographs uses "Dear Mum" prints from Robin Pickens for Moda but the pattern can be made with any mix of the maker's choice. You need a layer cake, a range of 4 light to dark solid fabrics and two complimenting color solids. Yardage needed for solids: 2/3 yard for lightest, 3/4 yard next darker, 2/3 yard for medium dark and 1/4 yard for darkest solid. Compliment solid colors need 1/4 yard each. The overall background color/fabric needs 2 1/4 yard. The binding uses 1/2 yard of fabric and backing uses 3 1/2 yards. Please note if you are making the larger size with more border added the additional yardage needs are on the pattern back. The pattern diagrams out all the rows in color or in gray-scale to envision your own fabrics.

The product being sold is the pattern, not the actual quilt. The pattern is a 12 page printed booklet (covers plus 10 inside pages) sized 5 1/2 x 8 1/2". Included with the pattern is a paper template to make the 45 degree diamonds from two 22.5 degree triangles. You can also buy a triangle template that is 45 degrees and should be at least 8.5 inches tall. Creative Grids makes one that is called "45 degree Kaleidoscope & Dresden Plate (CGRTKAL45) and Quilt in a Day also makes a Kaleidescope triangle ruler -either is sold separately from this pattern. Buying an additional ruler is not necessary since a template is included but it does make the cutting easier.

You may sell the quilts made with this pattern but please credit Robin Pickens as the designer of the quilt pattern. Thank you!

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